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Influencers fall into certain categories based on their reach:

With the constant advancements in technology, the number of influencers in the digital world is rapidly growing. As the number of influencers increases, the competition in the industry becomes more intense. As a result, many influencers take the profession seriously and pursue an influencer certification to solidify their credibility and stand out among their peers.

Stand out from the crowd by showcasing professionalism.
Gain an upper hand when it comes to being selected for brands campaigns.
Nano-influencers: 1k–10k followers
Micro-influencers: 10k–50k followers
Mid-tier influencers: 50k–500k followers
Macro-influencers: 500k–1m followers
Mega-influencers: 1m+ followers



Oh, And NO! You Don't Have To Be A Celebrity In Order To Become A Successful Influencer!

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Becoming a successful influencer and commanding top dollar for sponsored posts is not a matter of luck, creating a profile and posting photos or videos. To reach that level of success, it's important to follow the same steps that other successful influencers have taken, and to have a system in place. By understanding the industry and unlocking the secrets to success, you can crack the Influencer code! and achieve the level of success you desire.

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